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Looking for a unique home feature? Wetrooms are becoming more and more popular due to their various benefits. At CP Jefferies we are well acquainted with their installations and can deliver quickly.

What is a wetroom?

A wet room is a completely waterproofed surface that incorporates the shower on the same level as the flooring in your bathroom. 

What are the benefits of having a wetroom?

Wet rooms are particularly useful for anyone with mobility issues or disabilities that find stepping into a shower challenging. If you are looking into bathroom options that incorporate a wet room, CP Jefferies are able to help plan and install a wet room in your bathroom.

The open plan design with waterproof flooring means that there is plenty of room to navigate around and help those with mobility issues. 

Allow our bathroom designers and fitters to provide you with an ideal space that suits all your needs. We will cleverly create your wet room to an exceptionally high standard and leave you with results that you’ll love. 

An added bonus is that our team is comprised of plumbers that are armed with extensive knowledge and skills that apply to your wet room installation.