Solar Thermal Installations

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Why Solar Thermal Panels?

There are only a few renewable technologies that provide both a heating and hot water solution for a property.

Solar thermal panels are a clever design in the form of a flat panel, which is mounted on your roof so it can soak the sun’s heat, and use that energy to heat up water (whilst storing it in a cylinder).

There are many options to choose, which is why we have a dedicated Cirencester renewable energy operations manager available to advise you as to what will work best within your Gloucestershire home.

What type of Solar Thermal Panels do we install?


These devices look very much like solar PV panels.

They are composed of a dark absorbing surface, a transparent cover, a heat insulating backing and, most importantly, a fluid that transports heat from the absorber to a water tank. The absorber can be made of different materials, namely polymers, copper, aluminium or steel. Copper is the most expensive, but it’s also a better, more durable conductor.

Just like solar PV, solar thermal panels work best if your roof is south-facing, but will still be effective on south-west and south-east facing roofs.

Depending on your home, you can choose to install them on the ground instead of the roof if it isn’t suitable, as long as they get direct, unshaded sunlight.

Solar thermal panels absorb free energy from the sun and transports this energy by way of a thermal pump station directly to the solar coil of your hot water cylinder. Property owners can reduce their utility bills by utilising the heat generated during daylight hours which will result in purchasing less from utility providers year on year.