Solar PV Installations

Installing solar power into your property or work venue doesn't have to be difficult or confusing. CP Jefferies is here to help

Solar electricity panels take the suns energy and converts it into electricity that can be used in your home or any other premises. This is an extremely eco-friendly approach to your home and we have seen an increase in the interest of solar PV over recent years as it can be a step towards a greener and cheaper premises. 

We have a dedicated team of professionals that are well experienced in solar PV installations across the UK. 

Become more self-sufficient and lower annual electricity bills with the help of our solar panels solutions solutions that are right for your home, workspace and any other premises that you require electricity. Our solar panel services include sourcing the right ones for you and seeing through the installation process from start to finish. 

Leave it to our solar PV experts to help you generate your own renewable energy and experience the many other benefits that come alongside solar panels.

Our solar PV installations cover Gloucester, Costwolds and other local areas across the UK.