Is it time for better, more efficient lighting in your home?

The best lighting in a property is the one that accomplishes its intended function. Different types of lighting that can be taken into consideration include task lighting, ambient lighting, accent lighting, and security lighting. The effectiveness and quality of lighting are a priority and a passion of ours at CP Jefferies, which is a result generated from strong relationships with some of the largest manufacturers and suppliers within the lighting industry, as well as seamlessly collaborating with award-winning lighting designers to bring design concepts to life both internally and externally.

Over the past few years, lighting has advanced significantly. More choices and control possibilities are available than ever before. There are systems that enable you to remotely turn lights on, off, up and down, and even change the colour, all via an app on your smartphone.

Smart systems can automate sequences and routines that give you entire control over your lighting requirements. This can be utilised in many ways across multiple electrical sectors including domestic and commercial installations.

We have electrical engineers trained in the installation and configuration of market-leading solutions, including Rako, Lutron and Loxone.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or if you would like any further assistance with your lighting projects.