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Hot Water Cylinder Installations

Hot water cylinders require careful attention. CP Jefferies has years of experience installing and maintaining cylinders for domestic and commercial use

Some households and buildings rely on hot water cylinders for central heating and hot water, so it is important that they are installed correctly and well-maintained, ensuring you are not left without heat in your home.

How does a hot water cylinder work?

A hot water cylinder is essentially a tank that is used to store hot water for later use around your home or building, there are a few types of hot water cylinders and they work in different ways.

Hot water cylinder installation & replacement

At CP Jefferies, we are able to offer hot water cylinder installation across the UK, successfully leaving our clients with fully working heating systems. A team of professional plumbers and heating engineers in Gloucester have extensive experience on working across the different types of hot water cylinders and your home will be in trusted hands.

Equally, if you are in need of a hot water cylinder replacement or have discovered some leaks, get in touch with us and receive an exceptional service with the best solutions. 

No one should be without hot water or heating under any roof, so our plumbers won’t leave you stranded and will fix any issues immediately. CP Jefferies can help you with hot water cylinder installations, repairs and replacements in Gloucester, Cotswolds, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and other local areas.