Heat Pump

Heat pumps could be the solution you are after to receive consistent power supply and lower energy bills. CP Jefferies is an expert installing and servicing heat pumps across the Cotswolds region

How does heat pump work?

A heat pump uses electricity to absorb heat from outside and transfer it into your home, but the amount of electricity required to power the system is much smaller than the quantity of heat you will receive.

No Carbon Dioxide is emitted as the heat pump system uses heat that is already in the environment, making it a much better solution for the environment. There are two types of heat pumps; ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps. Each works differently from the other and can work best in different situations. Our team of heat pump installers are able to take the time to discover which type best suits your requirements and building. 

Looking for ways to save on energy bills this year?

If you find yourself searching for ‘how to lower your annual heating bills?’ consider a heat pump for your home, offices, properties and other premises. Work alongside our heat pump engineers to create an ideal solution that can heat your home entirely.

Heat pump installation across Gloucester, Cotswolds and other areas across the UK.