How to Plan a Bathroom Design

How to Plan a Bathroom Design

How to Plan a Bathroom Design.


Bathrooms are one of the most important spaces to pay attention to in your home (after the kitchen of course!). So it’s no surprise that they are a key feature when it comes to resale value.


Planning a bathroom needn’t be a stressful job, or intimidating when it comes to the design process.


We find with our customers, they might have an idea of the style of bathroom they like, such as: shaker, French country, modern, or as the trends are showing, Moroccan. But then the plumbing, and logistics of measurements, getting into awkward nooks etc are the more challenging issues.


Careful planning ahead to meet the criteria of your bathroom is key here – but it needn’t be daunting.


Start by compiling a list of your priorities. Is it a family bathroom? If so, you need to consider:


-       Separate shower

-       Bath

-       Vanity units

-       Double basins

-       Vanity cupboard

-       Underfloor heating

-       Towel rails

-       Shaving sockets


Think about what you want to achieve from your bathroom space. Does it need to accommodate lots of children? Or is it to be your relaxing oasis, where you can enjoy a cold glass of wine whilst having your bath? The answers to these questions will determine colours, and the extent of storage and accessories.


If you are going to change your layout, measure your bathroom carefully. Note the position of doors windows and any pipes.


With our bathroom design service, this will be done for you. However, if you want to have a clear objective before chatting with a designer, it’s helpful to outline the plan of the room, and how you might want to change it.


Next is to start getting design inspiration. We are incredibly spoilt for choices of tiles now, from simple cheaper options to more artisan encaustic style tiles. The same goes with a simple tap, you can get brass, nickel, brushed nickel, chrome – you name it.


Have a browse through Pinterest, or one of your favourite interior magazines. This can be a brilliant source of ideas – but it’s always useful to Google a product if you are considering on a splurge on something to check there are not any inherent issues. If you opt to use a bathroom designer, they will most likely be aware of issues.


Another factor is lighting, a dingy bathroom is not very inviting. Yet a bright light is not ideal in the middle of the night when you pop in to use the loo. This is something to discuss with a bathroom designer, as you can have different lighting zones.


Discuss your budget. There are many hidden costs that you will need to discuss, if you look up the price of your dream bath, which will not be the only cost to consider. Be clear about what your budget is, what your priorities are, and specific about your needs so if you decide to use a bathroom designer – they need to be completely aware of brief and objective.


Be prepared! If this is your only bathroom, it might be wise to plan for the toilet to be dealt with first and potentially stay with family/friends for a day or two. In regards to shower facilities, it might be a case of using friends, the gym or local swimming pool showers for a week or so! It will be worth it, we promise!


If you would like to chat through with our designer, please email here: or call 01285 851268



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