How to Design a Bathroom for a Small Space.

How to Design a Bathroom for a Small Space.

 C.P. Jefferies Cirencester bathroom designer is here to offer tips on how to plan around that small space…

You need to fit a toilet, shower and a sink into a tiny bathroom area, how do you configure the pipework? It can feel like a high level sudoko head puzzle when planning the design. Here in Cirencester, the older houses can have stonewalls that can’t be moved due to planning, and tricky nooks and crannies to factor in. It’s worth adding a bathroom if you can, especially in regards to making your home a more desirable asset.

Problems that can occur….how do you fit a sink in that tiny corner without your knees touching it whilst on the loo?! What colour palette do you choose to give the impression of space?

So, first things to consider:

  • Wall hung toilets allow for extra floor space

  • Clever lighting can always draw the eye and highlight what you would like, for instance, stylish wall hung lights on either side of a mirror.

  •   Wall mounted taps, this allows for shallow sinks. Think about the WCs in restaurants, narrow to allow people passing by and nearly always wall mounted taps.

  •  A corner sink also allows for extra space. Tip; always try to find a vanity unit that also doubles as a cupboard for hiding toiletries and extra loo rolls.

  • Opt for shower glass panel, not a door. A swinging door takes space. A sliding door can work sometimes, and of course you can order bespoke, depending on your budget.

  • Try to incorporate a large mirror or piece of glass cut to fit in on the wall space; this will add a sense of depth and space to the room.

  • Don’t be afraid to go bold with your colour, especially if there is no natural light. Painting your bathroom white will not brighten it in this instance!

  • Use a recess shelf in your shower (where it looks like a box in the wall!)

  • Floating shelves to keep clutter from the floor

Engineering and designing is part of the service we offer here at C.P. Jefferies. If you are not sure of what direction to go in, in regards to the aesthetics and layout, our designer can meet with you and discuss all of the elements needing for converting your space into a bathroom.

Please contact us here at , or call us on 01285 851268 if you would like to book a quote.

It’s also worth noting that we now also offer competitive finance to help spread the cost.

Have a look at some examples of the Gloucestershire bathrooms we have completed recently, click here.


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