Is a Boiler Service Necessary?

Is a Boiler Service Necessary?

The short answer to that question is ‘yes’. Boiler services are much like visiting the dentist; not very glamorous and it feels unnecessary to spend money on something that won’t be noticed or isn’t an emergency. However, to enable your boiler to work efficiently and stay within its standard warranty, a regular boiler service is very necessary.


 If you think about it, it’s like checking the oil, water and tyres on your car before driving your family across the channel to the Dordogne. Can you imagine not giving the car the once over before leaving? Even if you think there is nothing wrong with your boiler, the complications that can occur are not always visible to the untrained eye.

Broken boilers are not fun, and it’s always sods law that the boiler packs up when you have a house full of guests in middle of a cold snap. If your boiler is serviced regularly then your dedicated engineer will have notes on your boiler and the state that it is in, so the fix can be quicker and simpler (in theory). This will keep things ticking on throughout the long winter months when the boiler is on for longer and having to work that much harder.

Your Questions Answered:

How much does a boiler service cost?

The costs vary, dependant on whether your boiler is gas or oil, and any additional parts replaced are charged for separately.

At C.P. Jefferies a boiler service cost starts at £74.50 + VAT.

 What does a boiler service include?

1.    We will inspect the general condition of your boiler looking for any obvious signs of problems – especially if noted by the customer.

2.    We’ll remove the boiler case, check the parts and give them a thorough clean.

3.    Then we will check the flue, and make sure that is doing its job.

4.    Set up the combustion gases (checking that the flue is expelling the correct ratio of gas), make sure it is clean and efficient.

5.    If everything looks good, we will switch the boiler on and check the pressure.

6.    If it is an oil boiler, we will check the condition of the oil tank

7.    Once finished, we will supply a safety certificate

How much to fix a broken boiler?

This depends on the parts that are needed and how long the work takes so it’s tricky to give an exact cost - but we charge £49.50 per hour (ex VAT) for our boiler engineers.

Does my boiler have to be serviced by a qualified engineer? Or is it something I can try to do myself?

The temptation is always there to do a job that you think looks simple enough to save a little bit of money, but legally a boiler can only ever be serviced by a qualified engineer.

 Gas boilers need to be serviced by a Gas safe registered engineer.

 Oil boilers need to be serviced by an OFTEC registered engineer.

How much to replace a broken boiler?

 This will depend on a number of factors including the type of boiler required; oil or gas, is it a like for like swap or would it include a system upgrade? Do the other parts of the system need to be replaced at the same time?

 Also, as part of a new boiler installation we would always advise having a power flush of your central heating system.

 *We now offer competitive finance to help spread the cost of a boiler as we know the cost can sometimes be an unforeseen amount and not manageable, please email here or call the office on 01285 851268 if you would like a quote.





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